Funny Linux Kernel

In knew that Linux is a funny thing, but that its kernel is humorous was new to me today when I entered the following command into the command prompt:

lenny:/# cat /proc/swaps
Filename                                Type            Size    Used    Priority
/dev/null                               partition       1048576 3440    -1

Swapping out main memory pages into /dev/null might be performed very efficiently, however, I doubt that reading them back will be as easy.

The solution to this miracle is very short: The funny linux kernel is running in a virtual machine environment. The swap partition is out of its domain and thus it does not know how to reference to it.

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  1. or like the bastard assistant from hell wrote in his logbook:

    Friday 18:00:00 Made weekly backups, routed them to /dev/null to make them fast.
    Friday 18:00:23 Backups completed!

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