Access Denied When Copying Files From Network (UAC / EnableLinkedConnections)

I guess you experienced this already as often as I did: You are getting an “access denied” error message from a tool such as Total Commander, when you try to copy a file from a (SMB) network share over to a location, which requires you to become administrator via the UAC prompt:

User Account Control in Windows 10

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It simply may be nerve-wracking. The added level of security is debatable. Root cause for this is that the network drive mappings are not available when you are in UAC mode.

Here is the easy solution to fix it – Windows 10 permits to disable this feature via a registry patch, which simply is like this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Restart your machine afterwards, and the network drive mappings are available to you, even if you have switched to elevated rights through UAC.

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